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Elizabeth’s love of animals began at age 3 with her romancing the beautiful grey quarter horse Snowball. From that early age, she couldn’t get her fill of animal interaction and their responses delighted her.  From training and handling search and rescue dogs, to developing scent detection training programs, and training and showing horses, Elizabeth has immersed herself in the world of domesticated animals and taken each opportunity to learn and observe how they learn and respond to their environment.  One of her early observations was how easily animals learn from each other, without uttering a word.  Toward this end, her training methods utilize body language and a hands off approach to communicate what we want the animal to do.  Furthermore, she borrows the horse training adage of “make the right thing easy and the wrong thing difficult” to help create an environment that is rich with learning opportunities while maintaining the control needed to convey to the animal when the correct choice (or incorrect one) has been made.

Here are videos showcasing some of her previous dog and horse training projects.


Truffle Dog Training (Starts at 5:05)

Truffle Dog Demo at the Napa Truffle Festival

The Oregon Truffle Festival Dog Training Seminar

Scent Detection Course Developed by Elizabeth Kalik

Video of HyTyme Smoke N Mirrors and International Drum Horse Broke and Trained by Elizabeth Kalik


Our program is growing and we would love to have you join us. Words cannot begin to express the joy experienced sharing these animals with others in need of a little lift. Take a ride along in the Pony Express if you wonder and see transformation these special ponies bring. To get more information or to volunteer, Click Here.

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We give as much as we can of our own resources but there are more opportunities than we can fully support alone. Please have a look at our Needs List and if there is something on it that you are able to provide, we would be over the moon with appreciation! And we promise it will fill your heart!