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Boarding FAQ

A day in the life of a dog boarded at Kalik Acre….8

How many dogs do you board at once?  As you may know we only board 2 dogs (or dogs belonging to no more than two families) at one time.  This cuts down on risk to dogs, both by limiting the number of canines involved in social interactions and reduces disease/parasite transmission.  It also allows us to provide family style petting, play and habitation.  As a result it is cost prohibitive to provide 24 hour supervision in the event that we have to run an errand, pick up groceries or have work schedule overlaps.  This is fairly rare that guest dogs would have unsupervised periods as there is nearly always someone on the farm, but on the occasions that it does happen, we have ample segregated indoor areas (NOT KENNELS) that allow the dogs to still feel like a pet at home but not have physical access to the other dogs for everyone’s safety.

What is your schedule like? A typical day at Kalik Acre involves everyone up and out to relieve and exercise at about 7:00 AM.  During this time, if there are dogs that do not play well together, we rotate, but we are out in the yard doing farm chores and feeding the mini livestock while the dogs supervise or check the fence lines for deer and raccoons and do their doggy thing.  They also usually play tag in the laurel hedge.  I don’t know why they do this, but it is a favorite game.

About 9 or so we all regroup in the house and everyone gets breakfast, meds if needed and lots of pets and talking to.  At 10 we usually conduct appointments or office business in the dinning room, while the dogs all snooze on the couches or their beds depending on their owners rules.

Around 11 everyone is ready for a stroll on the deck again if they aren’t already rough housing in the house.  Gordy’s favorite game with guest dogs is ring around the dining room table.  Then it is back in for lunch or siestas.

At 1PM on weekdays I leave and Allan and Ben take the helm.  Allan teaches from home several days per week and Ben often plays or cuddles with the dogs during lessons.  They will have ample R&R interspersed with playing and backyard time.   On Monday, Thursday, Friday afternoon and evening, Ben oversees the guests and everyone gets dinner around 6PM.  If drop offs or pick ups are needed on Monday, Thursday or Friday, our kennel assistant KT is on site to handle this.

How do you handle discipline? Sometimes one dog or another will want to play non-stop and if this bothering the other dogs we might segregate them to one of the safe areas.  Usually it is the kitchen, or sometimes the covered deck, but this rarely requires a break of more than 30 minutes or so, except upon the request of owners for whom we may board dogs with anxiety or socialization issues.  In these cases they know the management plan ahead of time.

We allow the dogs that visit unlimited opportunity to play and socialize as long as everybody is having a good time.  We use squirt bottles of water placed strategically throughout our home and decks to mitigate unwanted behaviors such as nuisance barking, mounting, jumping scratching, or antagonistic behavior.  This is very rarely necessary, in large part due to the constant availability of activity and interaction.

Our little farm has a pretty predictable rhythm and most dogs adapt to it extremely well within their first 72 hours.  Some fall right into place as soon as they step in the door, and we have some regulars who scarcely notice when their owner returns.  Our ultimate goal is to be their home away from home, as opposed to a kennel or boarding facility.

If your pets are allowed on the couch or on the bed at home, we allow it here.  In short, we treat them like members of our own family.


Our program is growing and we would love to have you join us. Words cannot begin to express the joy experienced sharing these animals with others in need of a little lift. Take a ride along in the Pony Express if you wonder and see transformation these special ponies bring. To get more information or to volunteer, Click Here.

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