A Bucolic Little Farm in Rural Clackamas County

Pet Boarding

The Happiest Place on Dog’s Green Earth!

We started with training but our clients loved our spread and would from time to time ask if we could board their dog at our mini-doggy-dude-ranch. Of course we were delighted to be able to spend more time with their beloved pets and a new service was born. Once we opened our doors and hearts to the possibility of in-home family style boarding, our calendar started filling up. We only board dogs for up to two families at a time, ensuring your dog gets ample family time and that the peace and harmony we enjoy, remains intact. Your dog will be allowed on the furniture, in our bedroom or even allowed to sleep on our bed if those are your wishes. They will have hours to roam and play with the resident dogs, and time to get their fill of interacting with the miniature livestock through the fence. If you would like training while your dog boards with us, we would be glad to discuss your objectives and find a package that works for your needs and budget. We always, however, encourage followup owner training to help keep the momentum that your dog builds up while schooling on the farm.





Our program is growing and we would love to have you join us. Words cannot begin to express the joy experienced sharing these animals with others in need of a little lift. Take a ride along in the Pony Express if you wonder and see transformation these special ponies bring. To get more information or to volunteer, Click Here.

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Give! And Receive!

We give as much as we can of our own resources but there are more opportunities than we can fully support alone. Please have a look at our Needs List and if there is something on it that you are able to provide, we would be over the moon with appreciation! And we promise it will fill your heart!