A Bucolic Little Farm in Rural Clackamas County

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Critter Proofing

Critter Proofing
Critter proofing is an important life skill for many dogs and isn’t as scary and unattainable as it sounds.  If you live in the country, choose to keep livestock or poultry, or work a SAR, detection or other type of working dog, then teaching your dog to leave other animals alone is critical.  Really it is a matter of life and death for [...]

The 100 Foot Journey

The 100 Foot Journey
One of the most common challenges pet owners face is dealing with a dog that pulls.  Sadly this is one of the most preventable behaviors, but once ingrained can be challenging, though, not impossible to eradicate. Imagine the first time you clipped a lead onto your dogs collar.  Imagine if you never took a step when there was tension on the l [...]

Home is Where the Heart Is

She didn’t want to enter the inner sanctum of the livingroom, instead opting for hugging the back of my recliner, taking comfort by the minute movement as I typed that someone was in it. Every dog that comes to Kalik Acre responds differently to being boarded at our little farm. Some regulars walk in like they own the place and don̵ [...]

Kalik Acre Pony on the Town!

Poco Pony
Aspiring therapy horse Poco does a day on the town with Tim Vergano and Elizabeth Kalik. Sweeping through Waterfront Park during the Rose Festival and up to quieter Pioneer Courthouse Square, Poco is nearly unflappable by the crows, noise and cars. Some of the overhead carnival rides did set her little heart aflutter and the buses whooshing [...]

Whats New @ Kalik Acre?

We have been VERY busy bee’s at Kalik Acre and not very good about sharing!  Coda kidded about six weeks ago and had two darling bucklings that look just like Daddy!  Both were snatched up almost immediately and should be weened and ready for their new homes in a week or so. In other goat news, the flock is going to be on loaner for a c [...]

Opportunistic Dog Training – Pr...

Sharing this method of training has been on my mind for a long time, but in a world of “1,2,3’s” and “Top 10’s”, it is difficult to sell the idea of “lifestyle change”, even for diets. The fact is that one of my favorite things to do in the whole world is train an animal to perform a behavior on [...]

The Right Dog

As the holidays approach, finding the perfect gift challenges all of us. And if a puppy is in your gift giving forecast, please, please, PLEASE reconsider. If it is a puppy for you, that is wonderful and I can think of no greater gift to yourself. But aside from that, selecting the “right” dog is a highly personal experience. S [...]


Welcome to Kalik Acre – a bucolic little farm in rural Clackamas County.  We offer premium in-home cage free dog boarding and training as well as training and showing registered miniature horses and myotonic goats. It is the perfect place to desensitize your pet or professional working dog to livestock in a controlled environment. We of [...]