A Bucolic Little Farm in Rural Clackamas County

Home is Where the Heart Is

She didn’t want to enter the inner sanctum of the livingroom, instead opting for hugging the back of my recliner, taking comfort by the minute movement as I typed that someone was in it. Every dog that comes to Kalik Acre responds differently to being boarded at our little farm. Some regulars walk in like they own the place and don’t give their parents a backward glance. Still others spend the first three days hiding in their crate hoping nobody notices them. Most are somewhere in the middle, a little picky about their food for a day or two, and warming up to us by day three. All of them are loved for their unique personalities, individualism and charm that they enter our homes and heart with.

Many owners come to the door with a terrified dog who has never been boarded before. They are sheepish about their uncertainty about their dogs away from home behavior and hope that my profession experience will bring the answers they don’t have on how best to provide their dog comfort. We don’t have all of the answers, but we have learned some trick over the years that help us help your dog find comfort and even fun during their stay.DSCN9469

They will not starve. Most first timers to the farm do not eat for the first day or even two. It is completely normal and while we have had a pound or two lost, we have never seen a dog starve while they were here. With some dogs we do let owners know we may have to adjust their ration up a bit to compensate for the increased activity level. Farming is hard work for a city pup!

They will warm up!  Between three very different resident dogs and three very different resident humans, your dog is almost certain to find someone to warm up to.  It isn’t a popularity contest, but we can almost spot from the very beginning who is going to connect with whom.  Gordy bonds with all of the outgoing, playful and energetic pups, while some of the very shy dogs take solace in Vaquero’s quiet, aloof presence.

They will get fresh air and exercise!  Some dogs love teasing the pony’s along the fence line….the pony’s love to tease back!  Others enjoy rushing into the mass of laurel and hiding in the “dog fort” and still others just want to snuffle along the grass getting to know all of the other animals that walk over it before them.  Only very rarely has an ambitious pup decided to attempt the koi pond and usually once is enough.

Life for guest dogs is as close to home as we can make it.  They can snooze on the couch, stretch out in the sun on the deck or even make their camp on the foot of our master bed, if that is what brings them the most comfort.

And as important as your dogs comfort is to us, we want you make sure your comfortable too!  We offer pre-visit tours, skype sessions with your dog and pics and videos throughout their stay.  The bottom line is that we will do our best to make you and your dogs feel right at home at Kalik Acre!

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