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Kalik Acre Pony on the Town!

Poco Pony
Aspiring therapy horse Poco does a day on the town with Tim Vergano and Elizabeth Kalik. Sweeping through Waterfront Park during the Rose Festival and up to quieter Pioneer Courthouse Square, Poco is nearly unflappable by the crows, noise and cars. Some of the overhead carnival rides did set her little heart aflutter and the buses whooshing [...]

Whats New @ Kalik Acre?

We have been VERY busy bee’s at Kalik Acre and not very good about sharing! ┬áCoda kidded about six weeks ago and had two darling bucklings that look just like Daddy! ┬áBoth were snatched up almost immediately and should be weened and ready for their new homes in a week or so. In other goat news, the flock is going to be on loaner for a c [...]