A Bucolic Little Farm in Rural Clackamas County


Kalik Acre offers obedience and scent detection training for dogs as well as ground work and trick training for horses. Without the dramatic packaging and celebrity faces, good training is more of an art as opposed to a system. The difference between a good trainer and a great trainer is the bag of tricks that is developed only with time and experience. Working with a large variety of animals with diverse challenges affords an opportunity to hone the timing and technique to deliver great results in a reasonable time frame. In working with horses, or dogs, timing is everything. Along with that goes the importance of being able to confer that skill set to the owner/handler. If you are spending time with your animal, you are either training them…..or un-training them.

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Our program is growing and we would love to have you join us. Words cannot begin to express the joy experienced sharing these animals with others in need of a little lift. Take a ride along in the Pony Express if you wonder and see transformation these special ponies bring. To get more information or to volunteer, Click Here.

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We give as much as we can of our own resources but there are more opportunities than we can fully support alone. Please have a look at our Needs List and if there is something on it that you are able to provide, we would be over the moon with appreciation! And we promise it will fill your heart!