A Bucolic Little Farm in Rural Clackamas County

Scent Detection Training

Elizabeth cut her teeth on scent detection training, first with search and rescue dog training to include air scenting, tracking and cadaver dogs. When her right arm search dog was ready to retired, she moved on to founding NW Truffle Dogs, a scent detection company geared toward getting pet dogs and their owners out in the woods to find the delightful Northwest culinary treasure. This adventure took her and her partners to Eugene to run the Oregon Truffle Festivals Truffle Dog Training program, and on to Napa Valley to present to would be investors the pits and perils of truffle dog selection. After traveling across the country to survey plantations and evaluate truffle dogs, Elizabeth decided to rein herself back in and focus on training programs closer to home. Kalik Acre offers top of the line scent detection training for nearly anything you would like to train your dog to find. Truffles, antlers, mushrooms, and more, contact us for detail.

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Our program is growing and we would love to have you join us. Words cannot begin to express the joy experienced sharing these animals with others in need of a little lift. Take a ride along in the Pony Express if you wonder and see transformation these special ponies bring. To get more information or to volunteer, Click Here.

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